We've been shooting weddings since 2008

We are Sam Stevens and Sequoia Hearne.  We've been friends for years and photographers for slightly longer.  Mirrorbox was born in summertime 8 years ago, founded right after we finished college.  We were looking for an outlet for our skills & ideas so decided to create our own company, dedicated to shooting weddings in the style we love.  Over the years our work has been described as quirky, alternative, natural and relaxed which is exactly what we hope to create every time we fire the shutter.

We love being photographers

As our company has expanded and evolved we are grateful that we are able to keep coming back to what we love most - getting out of the office, picking up our cameras and taking photographs.  

This job has taken us all over the map

Every year has been spent travelling around and shooting weddings.  Crumbling castles, stately homes, marquees, teepees, village halls, boutique hotels, lochsides, countryside, fields, farms, back gardens, barnyards, cobbled alleys, museums, churches of all ages… While we’d never claim to have seen it all we do have a ton of experience that we bring to every single wedding we shoot

Collaborate with us

Most of the time you won't realise we are taking your photo. We like to work in the background, spotting moments and getting the picture.  But for truly amazing photographs we want to work with you.  Come with us to the top of the hill, down to the water's edge, out into the city street.  We've found the perfect backdrop.  Getting those beautiful portraits takes a bit of legwork, and that is what makes them stand out.  If you want to break out of the reception for 5 minutes, if you don't mind a bit of rain, if a spot of mud on your dress is part of the story, we want to be there to take the pictures.